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Subjectstatic scheduling - SCHED_IDLE?
hi there,

i found, that linux is missing a static low-priority scheduling class
(or did i miss something? in this case feel free to stomp me into the
ground :). it would be ideal for typical number-crunchers running in
the background like the different clients.
within this class, static priorities like those for SCHED_RR would be
required, so one could have for example such a priorization:

[-] idle-task/apmd (here never running)
[idle/1] client or other toy (when the machine is really idle)
[idle/50] mp3 compressor (when no "real" work has to be done)
[other/nice 10] not time-critical job
[other/nice 0] the usual jobs, like a make process, etc.
[other/nice -10] x-server, etc.
[rr/50] some real-time app, like a computer-controlled toaster :)

what do you recon?

best regards

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