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SubjectRe: Question: Adaptec AIC7xxx support
On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 01:06:11PM -0700, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
> >> I also wonder why the reset delay is 15000 Msec. It used to be 5000
> >> Msec. I've usually set it to that without nasty results. I just wonder
> >> what the reasoning is behind such a long delay.
> >
> >This is a drawback of single driver for multiple cards. Good cards
> >suffer to enable the driver to support bad ones.
> This has nothing to do with the card the aic7xxx driver is accessing.

Sorry if I upset you. My point was not to criticize your driver, I'm a
happy aic7xxx user.

I've used your drivers with three cards, all recent, and for each the
timeout seems oversized. I was convinced it was to support old hardware.
You seems to indicate that it depends more on the attached scsi targets,
and I believe it but I have never seen this kind of configuration where
the timeout needs to be 15000 Msec. Is this a so common config to set
this value as default ?


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> Justin
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