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SubjectRe: Question: Adaptec AIC7xxx support
>> >This is a drawback of single driver for multiple cards. Good cards
>> >suffer to enable the driver to support bad ones.
>> This has nothing to do with the card the aic7xxx driver is accessing.
>Sorry if I upset you.

You didn't upset me. I just wanted to ensure that an inacurate statement
wasn't propogated.

>I was convinced it was to support old hardware.

Yes and no. Although more common in older hardware, there are still
companies that bring new products to market that take *forever* to
wakeup after a bus reset.

>You seems to indicate that it depends more on the attached scsi targets,
>and I believe it but I have never seen this kind of configuration where
>the timeout needs to be 15000 Msec. Is this a so common config to set
>this value as default ?

There are still lots of devices out there that don't work with shorter
timeouts. I don't know that it matters what percentage of people have
these devices so much as allowing them to install/use the OS without
the frustration of trying to figure out how to make their system work.
Other than a bit of wall clock time, the extra delay does not "hurt"
setups that can use a lower timeout.

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