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SubjectRe: Question: Adaptec AIC7xxx support
>I configuring the kernel, there is a option "Build adapter firmware with
>Kernel build".

There should be. This comment has been in my distributed patches for for some time:

Build Adapter Firmware with Kernel Build
This option should only be enabled if you are modifying the
firmware source to the aic7xxx driver and wish to have the
generated firmware include files updated during a normal
kernel build. The assembler for the firmware requires
lex and yacc or their equivalents, as well as the db v1
library. You may have to install additional packages or
modify the assembler make file or the files it includes
if your build environment is different than that of the

I guess it didn't make it in with the rest of the 6.2.4 driver.

>There is no help for this. It's obvious that it build
>firmware but is it installed in the adapter automagically ???

Firmware is always downloaded by the driver during card initialization.
As noted above, only someone working on the firmware should need to
recompile it.

>I also wonder why the reset delay is 15000 Msec. It used to be 5000
>Msec. I've usually set it to that without nasty results. I just wonder
>what the reasoning is behind such a long delay.

Some devices require it. The default should be long enough to accomodate
all configurations. If you can use something shorter, feel free to
reconfig your kernel that way.

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