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SubjectRe: File server FS?
On Wed, 2001-11-14 at 04:41, Robert Szentmihalyi wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2001 03:05 schrieb Sean Elble:
> > I'd have to recommend XFS for you . . . it supports the kernel
> > mode NFS server very well, it supports LVM, an XFS file system
> > can be enlarged (not reduced), and XFS has great quota support,
> > just be sure you use a 3.0 or greater quota tools package. Why
> > use XFS over Ext3 you ask? XFS is faster, and scales better,
> > IMHO. Again just my opinion, but I hope that helps.
> >
> ACK.
> We have built an 800 GB file server for a customer about three
> month ago using XFS on a 3ware RAID.
> The server performs great, even under heay load.
> The only drawback is that group quotas were not yet supported then.
> I don't know if this has changed yet, but it should be fairly easy
> to find out..... :-)
> cheers,
> Robert

XFS on linux has had group quota support for quite a while - certainly
longer than 3 months. All the other features are available too.



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