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SubjectRe: File server FS?
On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 05:03:34PM -0500, Brian wrote:
> We are about to build a fairly large (720GB) file server using Linux. No
> sane person would actually want to watch this thing fsck, but I've seen
> mixed reports about the functionality of the journaled FSes.


> Specifically, I need support for
> * KNFSD - it is a file server, afterall


> * LVM - For snapshots and to add space later


> * Resizing - See last point

There are two utilities to resize ext2, which ext3 is except for an
additional file (journal) after umount.

> * Quotas - Eventually, but we don't need it just yet

A little tricky in Linus' kernel. Should be sorted out soon.

> Which, if any, of the journaled FSes support these?
> Which one should I go with for a wide range of file and directory sizes?

How many files in a single dir? Reiser is great for that, but not so good
for fragmentation after time on a 70% full or more FS...

There is indexing in development for ext2/3, but that'll be 2.5 work.

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