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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] extended attributes
hi Tim,

On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 04:08:50AM -0500, Tim R. wrote:
> I'm glad to see you guys are working on a common acl api for ext2/3 and xfs.
> I was just wondering if this api provided what would be needed for linux
> to support NTFS's acls.
> Now bare in mind I know little about how NTFS's alc's are implimented or
> if they follow POSIX at
> all. But I just thought it might be worth asking the ntfs maintainer if
> the proposed api would be
> adaquit to support ntfs's acls on linux should they ever want to
> impliment this. Might save them
> headaches someday.

The API doesn't favour any one form of ACL - it allows for any
implementation to be layered above it, provided the semantics
of those ACLs can be expressed using extended attributes, of

> Also will it supply the interface needed for other filesystems that have
> been ported that linux that
> support acls? (i.e. will it work for them, could they use it in the
> future if/when they decide to
> impliment that feature) I think JFS might support acls too.

Yes, I believe so. I see EA and ACL support is on the JFS todo
list - I was contacted by some folk at IBM who let me know this,
so there is certainly some interest there.


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