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Subject[RFC][PATCH] extended attributes
I'm glad to see you guys are working on a common acl api for ext2/3 and xfs.
I was just wondering if this api provided what would be needed for linux
to support NTFS's acls.
Now bare in mind I know little about how NTFS's alc's are implimented or
if they follow POSIX at
all. But I just thought it might be worth asking the ntfs maintainer if
the proposed api would be
adaquit to support ntfs's acls on linux should they ever want to
impliment this. Might save them
headaches someday.
Also will it supply the interface needed for other filesystems that have
been ported that linux that
support acls? (i.e. will it work for them, could they use it in the
future if/when they decide to
impliment that feature) I think JFS might support acls too.

Sorry to be a bother,

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