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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] VFS interface for extended attributes

[Cc'd to Linus since API changes on that level definitely require his

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Nathan Scott wrote:

> +static long
> +extattr_inode(struct inode *i, int cmd, char *name, void *value, size_t size)

a) passing inode is an obvious mistake. dentry or vfsmount/dentry.

b) for crying out loud, what's that with SGI and ioctl-like abortions?

Rule of the tumb: if your function got a "cmd" argument - it's broken.
ioctl(2). fcntl(2). prctl(2). quotactl(2). sysfs(2). Missed'em'V IPC
syscalls. Enough, already.

Folks, it's not a rocket science. Let a function do _one_ thing,
don't turn it into a multiplexed monstrosity. Yes, you've used only 3
syscalls. But actually you've managed to hide ~20 of them in that code
and the fact that you've spent only 3 syscall table entries doesn't make
the things better.

Please, come up with a decent API.

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