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SubjectRe: 2.4.13 kernel and ext3???
P.Agenbag writes:
> Hi
> I just installed RedHat 7.2 with the 2.4.7 kernel. Low and behold, when
> I tried to install the latest kernels, I see that there are many options
> in the RedHat 2.4.7 kernel that are not even in the 2.4.13 kernel! How
> does this work? Also, I see many (EXPERIMENTAL) greyd-out areas in the
> kernel as well as other greyd out areas which are not experimental, yet
> won't allow me to select it ( reiserfs for example ) .
> How can I get reiserfs to compile into the kernel, and to satsify my
> curiosity, how do you enable the experimental options?

Turn on first option "Prompt for development and/or incomplete
code/drivers" in the first configuration sub-menu "Code maturity level


> Does it mean that if there is a fairly large difference between the
> RedHat 2.4.7 and the stock one from, that they are not really
> the same? ie, does anyone foresee any future problems with redhat adding
> all these extra features to their kernel and people who would like to
> upgrade to a newer version ( for one, I selected ext3 during install,
> yet, now trying to install 2.4.13, I must revert back to ext2...)
> Thanks


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