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Subject2.4.13 kernel and ext3???
I just installed RedHat 7.2 with the 2.4.7 kernel. Low and behold, when
I tried to install the latest kernels, I see that there are many options
in the RedHat 2.4.7 kernel that are not even in the 2.4.13 kernel! How
does this work? Also, I see many (EXPERIMENTAL) greyd-out areas in the
kernel as well as other greyd out areas which are not experimental, yet
won't allow me to select it ( reiserfs for example ) .
How can I get reiserfs to compile into the kernel, and to satsify my
curiosity, how do you enable the experimental options?

Does it mean that if there is a fairly large difference between the
RedHat 2.4.7 and the stock one from, that they are not really
the same? ie, does anyone foresee any future problems with redhat adding
all these extra features to their kernel and people who would like to
upgrade to a newer version ( for one, I selected ext3 during install,
yet, now trying to install 2.4.13, I must revert back to ext2...)


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