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SubjectRe: ide.2.4.1-p3.01112001.patch
On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 02:43:30AM +0000, wrote:

> > |The system is an AMD K6-3 on a FIC PA-2013 mobo with 3 IDE disks. The
> > |size of hda is 4.3 GB, the size of hdb is 854 MB and the size of hdc is
> > |1.2 GB. Hdd is an IDE CDROM drive
> >
> > I think its significant that two reports I have are FIC PA-2013 but not all.
> > What combination of chips is on the 2013 ?
> The FIC PA-2013 is one of the stranger types of MVP3.
> (A mixture of 82c597 host bridge and 82c598 PCI bridge).

598 + 586b

> As discussed some time ago on this list, there are some of these
> boards, which initially seem to be an MVP3, but have the host bridge ID
> set to an VP3. (Real reasoning behind this never figured out).

Windows driver compatibility, so that VP3 drivers would work on MVP3 as

> 2.4 has code in the pci quirks to disable the register which makes
> the chip masquerade as a VP3, and forces it to identify itself as
> an MVP3 part. I'm curious whether this has an interaction here.

This doesn't do anything but change the ID so that Linux drivers are not
confused anymore. This caused a lot of trouble in 2.2, especially with
the old VIA IDE driver.

> I have a list of known 'hybrid' boards, and known true (both halves) MVP3
> boards and also a collection of lspci -xxx outputs from a selection of
> them. If anyone wants any of this stuff, shout and I'll put it up
> for ftp/www.

Actually, the definitions of what's a 'true VIA xxx chipset' change over
time, as VIA upgrades the southbridges in the specs. You'll now fing
that the VPX chipset is 587vpx + 586b, but when released the 587vpx was
coupled with the old 586 south.

Fortunately all these chips use PIIX-compatible extensions to the PCI
bus, so they are all interchangeable to some degree.

> I'm curious if all of the other boards in Alans bug reports also
> fall into the stranger category.

It's possible. I have a board (VA-503A), which has a masqueraded 598,
which identifies itself as 597, and a 686a southbridge. This got the
2.2 ide driver completely confused, for example.

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs
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