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SubjectRe: USB Mass Storage in 2.4.0
Unfortunately I lost everything on my system (the one that worked) and I 
don't believe I ever looked in /proc/scsi/scsi because It was working
and I didn't feel the need to go poking around. I had this problem
initially the first time I compiled 2.4.0 but I went back and added SCSI
Generic "on" and that seemed to fix it. I am just confused why it
thinks this is a scanner. IS there any way to force it to detect it as a
scsi disk?

I must have recompiled this kernel 50 times trying to recreate the the
scenario where this worked. I can send you my .config if you think that
will help.


Matthew Dharm wrote:

> Hrm... from these logs, everything looks okay, except for the fact that the
> device refuses to return any INQUIRY data.
> Can you reproduce the conditions under which it was working and send logs
> from that? Or at least remember what the /proc/scsi/scsi info looked like?
> Matt
> On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 03:19:36PM -0800, Robert J. Bell wrote:
>> Matthew here is the info you requested, thanks for your help.

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