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Subject2.4.0-t9p7 and mmap002 - freeze

Tried latest patch with the same result - freeze...

No extra patches added.

running from console as root
mmap002 from memtest-0.0.3
with RAMSIZE defined as 90 MB (I have 96MB)
after a while with heavy disk access (thrashing?) the drive
becomes silent - no more progress...
[if you can not repeat this - try with less memory 32 MB...]

Magic works!

Magic memory
Constantly LOW on inactive_clean (0 is the most common)
lots of shared memory (almost equals active)
[can be normal condition since mmap002 produces dirty
mmaped pages]

Magic process:
Manual samples gave the following locations.
(NOTE: not a call trace)
We are trying to clean pages, but do we make any
progress since disk is silent?

Trace; c0127d85 <page_launder+3d/724>
Trace; c0126dad <deactivate_page_nolock+13d/248>
Trace; c0127e00 <page_launder+b8/724>
Trace; c0128035 <page_launder+2ed/724>
Trace; c0127dcc <page_launder+84/724>
Trace; c0127dd0 <page_launder+88/724>
Trace; c0127e00 <page_launder+b8/724>
Trace; c012fd38 <try_to_free_buffers+4/138>

Magic Sigterm (Alt+SysRq+E)
Gives you a running system again.

Probably timing critical for entry into this state
since adding a few printk:s makes it happen less often.
I have even got complete mmap002 runs succeed - but
disk is running too much and for too long time...
a lot more than 10 min - normal run on previous testX
did usually take less than 3 minutes.


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