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SubjectRe: problem with 2.4.0-test9-pre6 seems to be SHM
safemode wrote:

> It seems to me that test8-vm3 handles this fine. in test9 upon loading X i was
> already using swap and down to 10MB ... here i have netscape loaded and some other
> stuff along with gaim and i've got 36MB free still. I'm not so sure you can chalk
> this up totally to X .... test9 is a VERY VERY poor kernel compared to test8-vm3

I fully agree. There is much too high of a problem factor with the test9 series for me
to use them on my workstations and I don't have time to debug them due to priorities.

I recommend you do a fresh checkout (not update) of X (current version is 4.01d), and use
test8 and we'll go from that point. Verify that test8 is clean, apply Rik's VM patch,
test again, then step to test9.

There are three issues:

1) 100% use of SHM segments appears to cause instability
2) SHM segments count keeps increasing using X 4.01c possibly due to corrupted cvs tree,
fresh checkout fixed it for one person
3) test-9...don't even go there ;)


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