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SubjectRe: problem with 2.4.0-test9-pre6 seems to be SHM
Shaw Starr repored on that a fresh checkout of 4.01d and fresh
build of X resulted in a fixed/working shm w/ X.


safemode wrote:

> When in doubt. . Blame it on the biggest piece of crap around .. X. One can
> say using a cvs of X is the cause of this by somehow i doubt it would matter. X
> needs a sane make system and i'll bet 10:1 that it's the root of this shm usage.
> But it should not be crashing the OS ...which does occur since i just went down a
> couple minutes ago. Right now it's increasing 1 segment a second it seems. it's
> at 1200 now and i give it about 30 more minutes before i crash again. I'm gonna
> run this on the test8-vm3 patched kernel i had before that was VERY good except
> for that deadlock problem that caused me to crash after 7 days. If the shm usage
> is insane on that then i'll believe it is X's fault. be back with the results
> in a few minutes.

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