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SubjectRE: [ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, mberglund wrote:

> Because Linux already runs on a couple of platforms even NetBSD does not
> run on,

And vice-versa, last I checked. Let's be fair here. :-)

> PS: If FreeBSD DID run on PPC and S390 and offer the company I work for

NetBSD runs on lots of PPC machines, although I don't think it runs on the
S390. Their ofppc port doesn't have a supported models list on the main
NetBSD site....

> all the growth potential Linux does, there is a good chance that I would
> already be there. I don't want this to happen, so I am hoping that
> instead, we can raise the level of integration and upgradability here. I
> would hate to have to trade my penguin in for a devil!

I agree with the goal, although perhaps not the reason for it. I think
that's the wrong way to look at it. I think all the free 'NIXers should
see this as an opportunity to take free code and concepts and leverage it
to our advantage, while at the same time, giving back those advantages to
the groups that gave them to us. The Penguin and the Daemon need not be
mortal enemies.

Indeed, the linux port I work most with is very nearly a linux kernel
running on top of a BSD one (Mach, to be precise, but it shows its BSD
heritage well). I've borrowed code from the *BSDs frequently, and I've
always let both them and the monolithic Linux guys borrow my code whenever
it was helpful, because I believe in the free flow of ideas among

I dream of a day when little black and white children and little red
children can... oops... wrong speech.... ;-) But you get the idea. Our
biggest strength would be in embracing all that is different and unique
yet open, and sharing resources and ideas. Don't fear the daemon. Use
it. Learn from it.


A brief Haiku:

Microsoft is bad.
It seems secure at first glance.
Then you read your mail.

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