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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
Darkstar - an integrated operating system based on the Linux kernel
and a stable set of tools.

To build a source based operating system that ties together the
Linux kernel and a stable set of standard tools. Essentially this
should bring together all of the tools required to build and use a
system that is consistent on multiple hardware platforms from
PDA's to Mainframes.

This project will not be restricted to any one license. If a piece
of software is desirable, but under an Artistic-, BSD-, or even
GPL-style license, it will be used, so long as it allows
free(no cost) distribution.

Similar to the BSD development model, the main body of developers
(committers) will use CVS to make/track changes to the system. This
allows for centralized development by the team of developers
emphasizing peer review, code review, general correctness, and an
audit trail for future reference.
Commit privileges are given on a case-by-case basis to competent
people who continually provide code, fixes, and have a clue.
In addition, by maintaining the system in CVS we can offer much
faster and convenient source updates than are currently available
from other Linux-based systems currently available.

We are seeking system administrators, kernel developers, and
userland contributors to help with the development and maintenance
of the system. Knowledge of CVS and make(8) is recommended, but not
absolutely required.

In addition, web-design and documentation people would be useful.

We currently have the build-system operational and building select
pieces of software and have been imported into the tree, though
development has stalled due to a lack of developers. The current
CVS tree is available for viewing at:

If you are interested in contributing, please email and/or subscribe
to <>, the primary development mailing list.
In addition, the primary developers can be reached at:
Chris D. Faulhaber <>
Matt Berglund <>

We look forward to your interest,
Matt Berglund

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