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SubjectRE: [ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Stephen Frazier wrote:

> Does *BSD run on S390?

Ummm, hello, NO they do not. This is at least PART of the point. I
believe now is my chance to get out my clue-by-four.

FreeBSD has a GREAT idea(and really NetBSD as well). We might want to
consider adopting that idea. In this case, if we work toward a standard
base system across platforms it will be that much more simple to scale
up. Unix has notoriously been a pain to move from platform to platform
because of 'little differences here and there'.

Lets remove this obstacle, however small. Make it a little easier to
migrate up to your 'big iron'.

Because Linux already runs on a couple of platforms even NetBSD does not
run on, it seems logical to take their good ideas and steal them while we
have the edge!!!! Otherwise, one day we will wake up and they WILL run on
S390 and the like.

Currently it would be easier for us to organise just a little more than
it would be for them to get the those platforms up and running. I doubt it
will be that way forever.

This is an issue of using those good ideas that we might lack, and in this
case, I am certain we lack this kind of and quality of userland and system
and kernel integration.

We need some help getting the website built and getting some of this kind
of material documented. If we can do this, the word may travel a little
better. And (hopefully) clearer.

I hope this more clearly explains some of ideas and why thier ideas may be
good ones. And if not, give the BSD update system a shot. If you are an
admin I am sure you will like at least some of the functionality.


PS: If FreeBSD DID run on PPC and S390 and offer the company I work for
all the growth potential Linux does, there is a good chance that I would
already be there. I don't want this to happen, so I am hoping that
instead, we can raise the level of integration and upgradability here. I
would hate to have to trade my penguin in for a devil!

Unix is best described as an old, sturdy tree.
It is well structured, always growing, and has passed the test of time.

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