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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
David A. Gatwood wrote:
> > I'd love to see a filesystem feature where I could efficiently identify
> > "changed files", where "changed" is defined by last time this application
> > checked or something similar.
> An in-filesystem revision number would do the trick. Could be REALLY
> efficient. All you have to do is stat and you know if the thing really
> changed, instead of just knowing a date that can be horked. I like! I
> like a lot!

Yes indeed. There aren't many bits to play with in an ext2 inode so you
have to be careful, but it can be done. Especially when you combine it
with the timestamp (there's no need to update a revision number if the
time changes). I think this can even run over NFS (as a dubious
extension in the cookie or something ;-)

> Something else that'd be nice would be to make Linux deal better with NFS
> dates. The date presented by an NFS server for files is its timestamp.
> If the linux NFS client code were to subsequently check the stamp after
> performing an operation, it could use that to approximate the time error
> and this problem would about 99% disappear, with a fudge factor of under a
> second. Comments?

AFS does something like that. ntpd is better :-)

-- Jamie
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