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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Darkstar Development Project
Larry McVoy wrote:
> We thought about this too (filesystems are where I got into kernel hacking),
> but dismissed it as a Linux only solution. As much as I'd like it to be
> otherwise, BK is not a Linux only product. Whatever we do needs to work on
> NT (shudder) as well as all the dinosaur Unixen.

NT has a facility to monitor changing files. You could run a daemon :-)

> We do have more to work with because we have both the revision history and
> the checked out file in each work area. So we can play games with those
> to try and simulate the "what's changed since" operator. It's NFS which
> screws that up.

Not just NFS. It's me when I back-touch files to control Make (Emacs
backtouch-mode ;-), or rename files, or my CMOS clock breaks, or I have
to do an fsck. The last applies especially to kernel development on one

Just checking 100GB of files _locally_ is pretty tedious.

Heck, just calling _stat_ on a typical source tree can be immensely time
consuming over NFS. Like, a minute.

-- Jamie
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