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SubjectRe: [Announce] Linux Test Project
Nathan Straz wrote:
> SGI would like to announce the Linux Test Project. The goal of this
> project is to create a formalized test system for the Linux kernel.

Definitely needed.

> - The testing philosophy that is most important to the kernel
> developers. What approach best fits the development process?
> Regression? Functional? Stress? Performance?

All of the above :) I think regression and stress are the two most
important ones, but that's just one opinion..

> - What is needed immediately? Building a test suite for the kernel is
> going to take time. What tests or tools are most important?

IMHO regression, then stress testing. Regression testing provides more
stability of interface and code in the long run. Stress testing tools
tend to focus on a few specific areas of the code, and be completely
inadequate for covering certain cases.

> - We need to plan a development road map that works with the Linux
> kernel development road map.

Each vendor and kernel developer seems to have their own favorite set of
tests; the building of a unified test suite should include many of these
tests. VA Linux's Cerebus (sp?) and Juan Quintela's MM tests are good


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