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SubjectRe: [Announce] Linux Test Project

> > SGI would like to announce the Linux Test Project. The goal of this
> > project is to create a formalized test system for the Linux kernel.
> >
> > We have released a set of 96 tests on the project's website
> > ( These tests exercise file systems
> > and system calls and can be used for stress testing or sanity tests.
> >
> One question: how is the framework going to handle tests which cause
> pathological behavior in the kernel. For example, 'infinite' hangs in
> the MM system during OOM, or crashes (OOPSes, panics) or deadlocks
> (process stuck in 'D' state). Most often these are the results of the
> tests I tend to run.

> Any testbed needs to handle these situations, at least somewhat. For
> example, if I leave a 12 hour regression going and leave the console,
> and I come back to see the system has rebooted itself, or is stuck solid
> - how do I know which test has 'failed'?

You can always run the tests in user-mode-linux to see if that

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