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SubjectRe: Binary files in the kernel sources?
Matthias Andree writes:
> On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Brian Gerst wrote:

>> Diff and patch can't handle binary files.
> True.
> Still, for uuencoding, there are far too many implementations of
> uuencode around (with/out checksum, with/out boundary, using blanks
> (0x20) or backticks (0x60)), and finally, uuencode is trashed when
> quoted-printable encoded.
> These considerations are overcome by MIME which is well-defined. Wrong
> implementations of a well-defined standard may not be excused, flaky
> implementations of a not-so-well "standard" are to be avoided.

You have that backwards. The uuencode command, including the
algorithm, is defined by The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2.
MIME is not a UNIX requirement; the standard does not contain
even a single mention of "MIME" or "mime".

If your uuencode is broken, submit a bug report just as you would
for a broken MIME encoder.
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