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SubjectRe: Binary files in the kernel sources?
Matthias Andree writes:
> On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Mitchell Blank Jr wrote:
>> Andr=E9 Dahlqvist wrote:

>>>> Documentation/logo.gif
>>> This one is still present in 2.4. Wouldn't it be a good idea to
>>> convert that one to a .png because of licensing issues with .gif
>>> files?
>> Ideally .png.uu
> Uh. uuencode? History. base64encode COULD be used, but what's the point
> as long as it's inside a .tar.ANYCOMPRESSORSUFFIX?

Excuse me? I've never heard of that program.

0 pc-sw8:acahalan$ base64encode
bash: base64encode: command not found
127 pc-sw8:acahalan$

This is the latest Debian unstable. I get the same on Tru64,
Solaris, and my Red Hat system. Only uuencode is everywhere.

The rest of the MIME tools are generally absent or buggy too.
The last time I had to deal with MIME, I had to forward the
email to a Windows box. Not even mutt would tolerate it.
(that would be the latest debian-unstable mutt)

The only alternative to uuencode would be a png-logo.c or that spits out a png file without external help.
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