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SubjectRe: Binary files in the kernel sources?
Matthias Andree <> writes:

> Still, for uuencoding, there are far too many implementations of
> uuencode around (with/out checksum, with/out boundary, using blanks
> (0x20) or backticks (0x60)), and finally, uuencode is trashed when
> quoted-printable encoded.


Unless I've missed something in the discussion, the only binary file
is the logo.gif file. In which case, there's a natural option that
doesn't involve uuencode or anything like that: convert it to an xpm.

It wouldn't be the first xpm in the source tree (xterm-linux.xpm is in
there) and diffs would actually do something meaningful with it,
rather than just substituting the uuencoded version of one compressed
image file with another. It would even be readable without unencoding

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