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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test6 memory leak?
On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Forever shall I be. wrote:

> Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> > where do you see a leak there? I don't see absolutely anything wrong there
> > at all. Everything works as expected, find / should indeed use a lot of
> > buffers as it brings a lot of metadata in. Which bit seems suspicious to
> > you?
> > > -/+ buffers/cache: 5696 250048
> > > -/+ buffers/cache: 69288 186456
> Notice the increase in used ram. This ram is not being free'd as needed
> to make room for other programs (for instance, if I wanted to run a 190mb
> program, I would not be able to), and it's not being taken by some other
> process which is eating ram... I'd say that's pretty suspicious ;)

Not at all. You need to learn how Linux (and generally UNIX) works. Memory
is there to be used - why should give it back if it may be needed again
soon. Memory used by various caches created by subsystems is not usually
"given back" unless memory pressure demands so.


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