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SubjectRe: VM modules in kernel?
In article <> you wrote:
>> I was thinking that faster VM speeds may be possible if the
>> kernel can be tweaked more freely due to the GPL nature of the
>> Plex86/bochs projects now.

> Remember something here. IBM tuned the hardware to this, and to an extent
> they tuned the software on top of VM. They have a lot of cards to play that
> Motorola m68K chips did but x86 does not.

> Im hoping transmeta can manage to add a virtualised 386 mode to their chip.
> Here's hoping they are listening ;)

Also interesting is the following URL (was on /.) about HP's Dynamo:

In short, the article claims that a virtualized CPU is/can be faster than
a "normal" CPU. Would be cool: Define a "Linux userspace instruction set"
and let the kernel optimize it to the processor-of-the-day.

Arjan van de Ven

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