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SubjectRe: VM modules in kernel?
> >Remember something here. IBM tuned the hardware to this, and to an extent
> >they tuned the software on top of VM. They have a lot of cards to play that
> >Motorola m68K chips did but x86 does not.
> I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here Alan... My
> guess is you're taking VM to mean the kernel virtual memory
> system, when I'm meaning it to be "virtual machine". So my

No Im taking it to mean virtual machine. In paticular VM on S/390 hardware.

> The 'hypervisor' is a new term to me.. Are you refering to the
> Transmeta CPU and it's native mode? If I read you correctly

No its what the S/390 VM is often called. Its a supervisor for supervisor
mode programs so illogically enough its a hypervisor 8). The IBM mainframe
guys thing this kind of set up is routine. Unix is met with
'You mean you cant run a new kernel on test at the same time as the old
one' type remarks.

> here, then we could have a native VLIW kernel running on the
> Crusoe, which opens an x86 API to userland? Correct me if I'm
> wrong.

As I understamd it the VLIW code isnt accessible

> Have you been dipping into the bubbly a bit? ;o)

Not today.

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