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SubjectRe: VM modules in kernel?
Jeff Dike wrote:
> said:
> > > Consider the user mode kernel as a more interesting starting point.
> > The a386 port?
> It sounded like Alan was talking about my user-mode port
> ( The a386 is Lars' emulator
> (

Please note that a386 is not an emulator, at least not in the normal sense of
the word. It's more like a virtual machine, because all user-mode
run natively. Only supervisor/kernel mode instructions and hardware accesses
are emulated. (It's also not a real virtual machine, but I digress.)

Linux ported to a386 ( is very similar to the
user-mode Linux port, but is organized in a different way internally.

Other kernels could be ported to a386, for exampe NetBSD or (GNU)Mach and
Also, there is one hacker working on porting a386 to the Hurd, allowing Linux
to run as a user-mode process in the Hurd.

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