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SubjectRe: IP changes in 2.3.4x make things wierd?t
> 1. NIS is not broken, NIS works exaclty as it was designed
> by its designers.

Until the NIS code uses connected sockets thats not the case.

> 2. The fact that it does not return now immediately "no such user",
> getting ECONNREFUSED is not a flaw but right thing.


> 3. Any application which used unconnected UDP socket
> and failed on ECONNREFUSED and EACCES was buggy.
> * Luckily, most of them are already fixed to _ignore_ these errors. *
> See?

They have an option for it SOL_SOCKET, SO_BSDCOMPAT. It has been there for
years. The right way to fix this would be to set that flag when FAVOUR_BSD
is defined in glibc (ie _bsd_socket) . Then nothing else breaks.

The current change is basically vandalism

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