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SubjectRe: IP changes in 2.3.4x make things wierd?t

> Trace any BSD box and you will find a connected UDP socket delivers
> ICMP errors to the app. Its been true for over 15 years.

Exactly. BSD does this because it is well defined behaviour
and Linux did and does this exactly by the same reason.

> The only difference between the old Linux and BSD behaviour is that BSD does

I was not a difference, but plain bug.

Alan, I did not enter to this discussion until direct query
and answered to reports pointopoint exactly because I know
that it is difficult to reroute brains after years of fighting
against all the world. Especially, publically. I passed through
this myself, calmed down, brought apologies to people, who blamed
on strange Linux behaviour, recognised that they were right
and I was wrong.

This thing is not a thing, where discussions can help.
It is too simple and evident.


1. NIS is not broken, NIS works exaclty as it was designed
by its designers.
2. The fact that it does not return now immediately "no such user",
getting ECONNREFUSED is not a flaw but right thing.
3. Any application which used unconnected UDP socket
and failed on ECONNREFUSED and EACCES was buggy.
* Luckily, most of them are already fixed to _ignore_ these errors. *


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