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SubjectRe: IP changes in 2.3.4x make things wierd?

I've gotten the same sort of results with 2.3.44, 2.3.45, and
2.3.46. Both "login" and "telnet" hang for about 20-30 seconds before
they let me log in. I reported this to the list twice [rather badly
though because I really can't track down exactly what causes the problem]
and was ignored...

just wanted you to know you weren't alone w this problem, although it
seems like it doesn't affect most people. Maybe our systems have
something in common that can make this possible to track down.

My system:
K6-2, 64megs of RAM
running Glibc2.1 [.2 I think], kernel 2.3.46
I have an ancient Slackware 3.0 system I've been upgrading by hand
over the past 4 years.
Trying to fix this problem I've recently upgraded all relevant
system utilities, compiling them against the new glibc [most had still
been linked against libc5], but nothing was fixed [except utmp works

another, probably unrelated bug in 2.3.46 was my screen suddenly just
started pouring garbage to my virtual console, with no response on telnet
and my led cpu-meter being dead. I attempted to ALT-SYSRQ-S and all that
did was freeze the machine up totally, causing an un-clean reboot...


\ /\ /\ / Vince Weaver

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