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SubjectRe: aic7xxx 2.4.0 test12 hang
Just a small followup here, I haven't had a chance to dig throught the
yet, I did forward a copy to the aic7xxx maintainer, but no response
yet. However
if you are having problems on an intel platform that is good news. (Non
platforms get blown off a lot sigh.) This weekend I will try to debug it
or at least
figure out something. My initial guess is to disable all command tag
While I am in the code I also want to go digging around and see if I
can find a
way to turn of the in memory buffering that Linux does for block devices
as this
would make my fscking a LOT shorter, (18 gigs is slow),
But first I need to find my null modem serial cable. sigh. funnsies.

Leslie Donaldson

> hi!
> kernel: 2.4.0.test12
> hardware: Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra 160/m SCSI host adapter (19160)
> problem: kernel hangs when using my cdrom with cdparanoia to read cdda data.
> (i have nothing else on the bus for now.)
> i'd like 2 provide more info, but after 2 *long* fsck ... (maybe tomorrow :-(
> i've read about similar hangs on an alpha on this list (same kind of controller)
> any solution there ...
> Regards,
> Armin
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