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SubjectRe: ip_defrag / ip_conntrack issues (was Re: [PATCH] Fix netfilter locking)
"David S. Miller" wrote:
> This is basically what is in my tree right now. However, there was
> one reporter who claimed that after this kind of change he still was
> able to lockup/OOPS his machine by logging into X as a user who had
> his home directory over NFS. This was with netfilter enabled as well
> so it has to be the same bug.
> Later,
> David S. Miller

2.4.0-test12+ip_fragment.c.patch is still up. I hadn't previously tried
client-side mounts on that box, just exports.

I tried to reproduce the problem with nfs home directory mount + X. I am
unable to generate the error -- it works for me. I think Alexey is right.
There may be either coincidence or confusion in the report.

Btw, I am able to compile a kernel over an nfs mount with this. Very handy
since the remote is much faster at it.

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