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    Subjectip_defrag / ip_conntrack issues (was Re: [PATCH] Fix netfilter locking)
    On Mon, Dec 18, 2000 at 10:11:14AM -0800, David S. Miller wrote:
    > From: Rusty Russell <>
    > Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:15:52 +1100
    > Alexey is right, locking is screwed (explains some reports of
    > occasional failure during rmmod).
    > Patch applied, thank you.
    > I have a patch which compiles for non-linear skb mods to netfilter
    > (NAT uses linear packets still, but connection tracking and packet
    > filtering only linearize minimal requirements). Waiting for
    > DaveM's solution to ip_ct_gather_frags()...
    > I feel it's best to just skb_clone() the skb arg to ip_defrag
    > and this will close the whole thing, I think.

    no. The clone()d skb will still have a skb->dev pointing to NULL.

    The problem occurs only for locally-generated outgoing packets, which
    need to be fragmented:

    - ip_build_xmit() discoveres it has to fragment
    - ip_build_xmit_slow() generates fragments and calls
    - ip_conntrack_local() is called, which in turn calls
    - ip_conntrack_in(), which calls
    - ip_ct_gather_frags(), which calls
    - ip_defrag(), which calls

    [now we have two possible oops - caues]

    a ip_find(), which calls
    a ip_frag_create(), which initialises a timer with the function
    a ip_expire(), which dereferences qp->iif

    b ip_frag_queue(), which dereferences it in qp->iif= skb->dev->ifindex

    as andi kleen pointed out:

    > > Also is it sure that the backtrace involves ip_rcv ? A more likely
    > > guess is that it happens during the IP_LOCAL_OUT hook, when skb->dev
    > > isn't set yet, but conntrack already has to already reassemble fragments.

    > Actually, I do not understand how current code could even have worked
    > in the past. Once the SKB is passed to ip_defrag, it is nobody's
    > buisness to reference that SKB anymore. This ip_defrag call is (from

    mmh... we really don't do this. We use the return value of ip_defrag(),
    which is what ip_frag_reasm() returns (== the new datagram consisting
    out of all its fragments).

    > Alexey, what have I missed? I don't like the ip_fragment.c proposed
    > fix for this reason, what netfilter is doing with ip_defrag here looks
    > just wrong.

    Well, my conclusion is:

    - the defragmentation code in the ipv4 stack assumes that skb->dev points
    to a valid device. It does this primaryly to send icmp reassembly errors
    if a fragment reassembly timeout occurs

    - netfilter wants to use the ip_defrag for defragmentation, not only for
    incoming packets from the network at NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING, but also for
    locally-generated fragmented packets (at NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT). Unfortunately
    we don't have a valid skb->dev at this point.

    I don't think that there is any skb_clone()ing needed, nor this would solve
    the problem. The solution is

    a) netfilter conntrack (more exactly: ip_ct_gather_frags) sets skb->dev to
    something valid (skb->dst->dev). Dirty hack.

    b) make ip_defrag(), ... aware of the case where skb->dev == NULL. Sounds
    like a good idea, since it is only one if(skb->dev) clause.

    c) netfilter stops using ip_defrag() for this case. Bad idea, it had to
    reinvent the wheel :(

    > David S. Miller

    Live long and prosper
    - Harald Welte /
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