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SubjectIDE-SCSI/HPT366 Problem
LK Prodigies:

This problem is current on the Linux-2.4.0-test11 kernel. Please tell me if
this has already been resolved - I am new to the list.

Here is my setup:
Motherboard: Soyo 6BA+IV (built-in PIIX4 and HPT366 IDE controllers)
CDRWs: Yamaha 4416S (SCSI) & Yamaha 8424E (EIDE)

Kernel: 2.4.0test11 -- I must use 2.3.X or 2.4.X since my main drives
are on the HPT366 channels.

IDE: Using both HPT and PIIX chipsets. Base system drives are on
HPT366 channels. / == /dev/hde. Works fine.

Software: cdrecord 1.8.1, cdrecord 1.9

The problem lies with using my EIDE CDRW - I set it up properly using
IDE-SCSI. I can use my mp3tocdda shell script to encode mp3s to CD
(uses cdrecord as well) on the fly using either drive, however, when I
use cdrecord to write a data CD, the system hard-locks, no kernel
panic messages, and no Magic SysRQ keystroke works.

Quite odd that I could do the cdrecord for audio tracks, but not

Anyhow, I moved the CDRW to the PIIX4 channels (and changed my lilo
append line to make hda=scsi, instead of hdg=scsi) and now both the
mp3tocdda script and cdrecord for data images works fine.

I'm thinking it's a problem with HPT366, since IDE-SCSI/PIIX4 worked
fine with the setup, and cdrecord has always been a working package
for me.

Also, the HPT366 setup screen (VERY simple) shows the CDRW using MW
DMA 2 and is unchangable thru the HPT366 BIOS. Is there something
I should be doing with hdparm on the CD device?

Thanks in advance,

Damacus Porteng

Damnit, Linus, I'm a network admin, not a kernel hacker!
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