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SubjectRe: Advanced Linux Kernel/Enterprise Linux Kernel

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> > "Richard B. Johnson" wrote:
> > > Multics??? [..] way too many persons on this list who know the history of
> > > Unix to try this BS.
> >
> > So, you're saying their nine goals were bullshit? Multics had a lot of
> > problems. But it did a lot of ground-breaking. Perhaps you should reply
> > to the nine goals, or the general topic of "Enterpriseness," rather than
> > merely express your irrelevant hatred for Multics.
> >
> Relating some "nine goals of 'Enterprise Computing'" to Multics is
> the bullshit. When Multics was being developed, the singular goal
> was to make an operating system that worked on DEC Equipment without
> having to use DEC software. The emphasis was on trying to make it
> work period.

WTF are you smoking? Multics never ran on DEC hardware. Moreover, your
ideas about UNIX history ("modified Multics bootloader" bit) are, well,
interesting. Porting from GE to PDP-7... <shudder> Besides, the thing
had wildly different fs usage model - "everything is mmaped segment" vs.
UNIX "everything is stream of characters".

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