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SubjectRe: Advanced Linux Kernel/Enterprise Linux Kernel
> > Multics???  [..] way too many persons on this list who know the history of
> > Unix to try this BS.
> So, you're saying their nine goals were bullshit? Multics had a lot of
> problems. But it did a lot of ground-breaking. Perhaps you should reply
> to the nine goals, or the general topic of "Enterpriseness," rather than
> merely express your irrelevant hatred for Multics.

Linux is a good Unix. if adding "enterpriseness" means violating its
Unixness, then yes, the goals are bullshit. in particular, the kind
of extensive, kernel-based auditing and accounting some people talk about,
as well as the complete evisceration of the Unix design for security,
would make Linux no Unix at all. that would be very bad, and indeed Multics
is a fine example of the kind of history we should not repeat.

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