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SubjectRe: Integrating Andre IDE patch into 2.2.18/19 kernel
On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Jeff Nguyen wrote:

>Hi Alan.
>I hope you will consider to integrate Andre IDE patche into the 2.2.18 or
>2.2.19 kernel.

Be advised that the big IDE patch for 2.2 (at least as of a month ago)
contains a backport of the 2.4 ide-tape driver. That driver is BROKEN --
if the last data written doesn't make up a full block, then the driver
won't be able to read back ANY part of the last block.
The current 2.2.17 ide-tape driver gets this right (you get the data
padded with zeroes to a full block).

I reported this to LKML and the ide-tape maintainer a month ago, but
he hasn't replied so I can only assume he's off-line or doesn't care.

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