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SubjectIncomplete Adaptec 29160 support!?
Based on what I've been able to find out on the net, it
appears that the support of the Adaptec 29160 is not complete
(optimal?), but because the card works in a degraded mode with the
current driver, there haven't been many complaints.

A recent benchmark in Open Magazine (1.2, Sep 2000) describes this.
Their comments on page 26 address this issue. They say the card is
recognized as a "7892", and works in Ultra2 mode instead of Ultra160.
The use Redhat 6.2 for their benchmark.

Looking at the driver, the README.aic7xxx file does not say that the
29160 (or any other Adaptec Ultra160 card, for that matter) is

I sent e-mail to the driver maintainer ( over a week
ago, but he has not replied.

Am I missing something or is there no Ultra160 Adaptec support for
Linux? I find the former more likely than the latter, and welcome any
pointers to a driver with Ultra160 Adaptec support.

Dave Madsen ---dcm
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