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SubjectRe: Incomplete Adaptec 29160 support!?
On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 02:49:34AM -0500, Dave Madsen wrote:
> Based on what I've been able to find out on the net, it
> appears that the support of the Adaptec 29160 is not complete
> (optimal?), but because the card works in a degraded mode with the
> current driver, there haven't been many complaints.
> A recent benchmark in Open Magazine (1.2, Sep 2000) describes this.
> Their comments on page 26 address this issue. They say the card is
> recognized as a "7892", and works in Ultra2 mode instead of Ultra160.
> The use Redhat 6.2 for their benchmark.

Which might be their problem. i haven't used RedHat for a while
(switched to Debian), but the Redhat kernel might not have the right support
compiled in. Also, were they using an Ultra160 drive? And an Ultra160 cable?

> Looking at the driver, the README.aic7xxx file does not say that the
> 29160 (or any other Adaptec Ultra160 card, for that matter) is
> supported.

Which is a bunch of bullsh*t. i have an Adaptec 39160 and it works
beautifully. With regards to the docs, i found this under the "Supported
cards/chipsets" section around line 42 of drivers/scsi/README.aic7xxx (in both
2.4.0 and 2.2.17):


Nathan Paul Simons, Junior Software Engineer for FSMLabs
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