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SubjectRe: [patch] NE2000
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> pavel rabel wrote:
> > help. So I removed PCI code from ne.c to have ISA only driver. It
> This change sounds ok to me, if noone else objects. (I added to the CC
> a bit) I saw that code, and was thinking about doing the same thing
> myself. ne2k-pci.c definitely has changes which are not included in
> ne.c, and it seems silly to duplicate ne2000 PCI support.

Actually if you look at the archives (ID
you will see that I've stated this will be done for 2.5 a couple of
months ago. (Which is also why PCI support in ne.c hasn't tracked that
of ne2k-pci.c - I want to avoid encouraging new PCI users of ne.c)

There is no urgency in trying to squeeze a patch like this in the back
door of a 2.4.0 release. For example, there are people out there now
who are using the ne.c driver to run both ISA and PCI cards in the same
box without having to use 2 different drivers. We can wait until 2.5.0
to break their .config file.

[ I've several other 8390 related patches I've been sitting on - trying
to not contribute to the delay of 2.4.0 unless explicitly asked, such
as the 8390.h get_module_symbol deletion. Other 8390 patches I have
are a separated Tx timeout for 8390.c, kill off dev->rmem_start/end
and use ioremap() where required, and replace old check/request_region()
with code that makes use of the newer resource structures. ]

Good to know people are still keeping an eye out for dead code though...


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