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SubjectRe: [patch] NE2000
pavel rabel wrote:
> There are three drivers for n2k cards. One is MCA only, one is PCI only,
> and the then the third one (ne.c) is both ISA and PCI. I think the ISA
> driver should be ISA only, as is described in Documentation and in config
> help. So I removed PCI code from ne.c to have ISA only driver. It
> gets a bit smaller, although I am not sure whether more code can be
> removed.

This change sounds ok to me, if noone else objects. (I added to the CC
a bit) I saw that code, and was thinking about doing the same thing
myself. ne2k-pci.c definitely has changes which are not included in
ne.c, and it seems silly to duplicate ne2000 PCI support.



P.S. Pavel, for the future, patches made with "diff -u" are preferred.

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