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SubjectRe: [patch] NE2000
Alan Cox wrote:
> > This change sounds ok to me, if noone else objects. (I added to the CC
> > a bit) I saw that code, and was thinking about doing the same thing
> > myself. ne2k-pci.c definitely has changes which are not included in
> > ne.c, and it seems silly to duplicate ne2000 PCI support.
> Unless there are any cards that need the bug workarounds in ne.c for use
> on PCI then I see no problem. I've not heard of any.

Ok, I reported it several times, but it gets ignored. I have a Realtek
8029 (ne2k-pci), and with both drivers ne and ne2k-pci I can easily get
it stuck by doing a ping -f to a host in the local net, and sometimes it
happens doing copies to/from nfs shared resources.

rmmod & insmod don't cure the problem, it seems that no interrupts are
delivered from the card, and there are no log messages, so a reboot is
needed to restore net access.

System is dual 2x200mmx 96Mb ide discs no interrupts shared, and as far
as I can remember all kernel from 2.2.x, 2.3.x up to 2.4.0-testx exhibit
this problem.

Jorge Nerin
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