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SubjectRe: > 15,000 Simultaneous Connections
Lincoln Dale wrote:

> At 07:47 PM 9/5/99 -0400, Jordan Mendelson wrote:
> >Alright, I've done my research, ran a whole lot of tests, but I'm still not
> >sure what the best way of going about this is under Linux.
> >
> >There are several different programs out there which require a large number
> >of persistant connections. Most of them are messaging oriented having a small
> >amount of actual data being transfered per socket, but a large number of
> >sockets total.
> ..
> >What would be the optimal paradigm for this?
> [....]
> >I think a HOWTO on this subject might be in order :)
> i'm not sure this can be covered in a HOWTO document.
> don't take this the wrong way, but if you have to ask how to code something
> for efficiency in this manner, expecting to find samples in a HOWTO is
> rather much a pipe dream.

I think that is true of a genuine HOWTO. I do wish someone would produce a survey
of the strategies used by major applications, though. It would make assessing
existing solutions for their strengths and weaknesses so much easier. Its
something large numbers of us do independantly, with consequent wasting of
humanity's precious resources. I'm not volunteering, so I can't expect anyone else
to either. It would be real useful, though.


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