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SubjectRe: [offtopic] funny BSD people
On 17 Aug, Chris Adams wrote:
| Once upon a time, <> said:
| >Sprach Thomas Davis <>:
| >> the only BSD net thingy in the kernel, is SLHC.
| >Maybe now that's true. But it hasn't always been.
| What version has something else? Several people who know what they are
| talking about have said here that the Linux kernel has not ever used a
| BSD derived networking stack. It is possible that someone ported over a
| version of it, but it was never in the standard distribution.

There was a port of BSD Net-2 a few years ago, which was never part of
the standard kernel.

I suspect there's still a lot of confusion because of Linux net2 ---
which was *not* related to BSD Net-2; it was simply the second version
of Linux's TCP/IP stack. The first version was of course net1, and the
current one is net3 if the bootup messages can be believed. But even
when it was current, an awful lot of people seemed to assume that Linux
net2 was BSD Net-2 when in fact it was completely unrelated.

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