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    SubjectRe: [OT] SB Live! drivers released for Linux
    On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 06:28:16PM -0500, Mark Orr wrote:
    > Whoa...not so fast. That banshee driver is an X server
    > not Banshee glide...that's Darryl Strauss's work, not
    > Creative's. Glide for Voodoo3/Voodoo Banshee isnt done yet,
    > almost, but not quite.

    Just to be clear. I don't actually think this is mine. At least, they
    never talked to me about it. Mine is covered by XFree license, so they
    could have just compiled it, but I don't think so. Supposedly this
    version doesn't perform the same as mine.

    > (Strauss reports that it's "compiled and together execept for
    > X server interaction"...which isnt necessarily trivial)

    Right. It's non trivial, but it is progressing. I sure how to get it out

    > There already was a Voodoo Banshee X server (on Darryl Strauss'
    > page), and it's better and supports more acceleration than
    > Creative's version.
    > Watch:
    > (glide porting status)
    > (voodoo banshee/Voodoo3 X server)

    Those are correct. Here's a small plug. The website covers everything I
    can find about 3D for Linux including my work, of course. If people know
    other pieces I should add, please email them to me.

    - |Daryll

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