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    SubjectRe: [OT] SB Live! drivers released for Linux
    On 3 May 1999, Chris Adams wrote:
    > Once upon a time, Aaron Tiensivu <> said:
    > >I haven't downloaded them yet but I just got the news.
    > >
    > Too bad they only released binary modules (and not even for the latest
    > stable kernel release, and only non-SMP). I wish there was a solid PCI
    > wavetable soundcard with an open source driver for Linux available
    > (someone PLEASE correct me if there is).

    Of course someone could just cleanroom reverse engineer the binary driver
    and derive an open source one from it.

    FWIW there IS a PCI wavetable card with opensource. The Trident 4dwave-NX
    based cards, and the ALSA driver.

    I just got my card today >BD


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