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SubjectRe: XFS and journalling filesystems
On Thu, 27 May 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > This should save about 10K. Other stuff is on the side like the extended
> > attributes and they really don't impact the main code.
> >
> > Why do lines of code restrict what makes an fs ideal for an appliance or desktop?
> Lines of code directly influence size of code.
> If I have a kernel and compressed root file system on a 4Mb flash device
> I'm not going to be terribly keen to move to a larger part for features I
> don't need.

Let's see now.. I don't have scsi, I don't isdn or pcmcia. All that radio
stuff is useless to me as well. Hoe much can we save from the kernel by
cutting all this out?

Lines of code only affects the size if it is compiled into the kernel
(assuming I _did_ get it right that we are talking about kernel size and
not tar ball size), so it's a bit silly argument to use, don't you think?

What would be nice (from the tar ball point of view) would be to
modularize the kernel sources so that they can be downloaded separetly (I
know I misspelled it), but I can easily imagine the horror trying to keep
that up to date and working properly. Not very likely, but would be nice.


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